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  • Akko

The Israeli Opera Festival in Akko

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Libretto: Christoph Friedrich Bretzner with adaptations by Gottlieb Stephanie


Hebrew dialogues: Ilan Hazor


Selim holds Konstanze captive in his seraglio demanding her to return his love. Konstanze is torn between her lover Belmonte who crossed the sea to save her and the threatening yet captivating charm of the East.

A story about love, friendship, loyalty and clemency and about the clash between cultures and human beings.

A fully staged production in the Crusaders’ Court in Akko in which the characters sing in German but speak in Hebrew and Arabic.


 Conductor: Daniel Cohen


 Director: Shirit Lee Weiss

 Stage Designer: Niv Manor

 Costume Designer: Natasha Tuchman-Poliak

 Lighting Designer: Uri Morag

 Video Designer: Yoav Cohen 


 Konstanze: Gan-ya Ben-gur Akselrod

 Belmonte: Nathan Haller

 Osmin: Gustav Andreassen

 Blonde: Yael Levita

 Pedrillo: Eitan Drori

 Salim: George Iskandar